4 lug  '60's Cragar Mags, with the original 3 spoke spinner knockoffs.

      Buick didn't offer a Special GS in 63, but this is what it might have looked like.

    Yes, it's the aluminum 215/200 hp engine with original "Offenhauser" valve covers.

 This was the last year for the 215. Buick went to a 300 cu.in. as their "small" block, and the fixtures, dies and plans were all sold to Land Rover of England.

      That old adage about pictures not doing a subject justice were never truer.

                        Truly road ready, and loads of good looks to boot.

    In 1961 General Motors decided to enter the compact car market.

    Every division, except Cadillac, had a new line in 1961.

    Chevy got the "Chevy II Nova", with its small displacement 235 cu.in. 6 cylinder engine.

    Pontiac got the Tempest, with the very first iteration of the "Iron Duke" 4 cylinder engine.

   When the Buick Special/Skylark was first introduced, along with the Oldsmobile F-85 Jetstar , both enjoyed popularity amongst performance minded drivers, simply because they could be ordered with a whole host of powertrain combinations...

   A cast iron V-6 , with a two speed "Switch Pitch" automatic in the Buick, a 180 hp turbo powered  V-8 in the Olds F-85, and in the Special/Skylark ...an all aluminum, high - compression  215 cu. in. small block engine, that weighed less than 300 pounds and delivered a real 200 horses to the rear wheels.

    This one is a 2nd owner, power steering, power top convertible with over 130,000 miles on the odometer.

   In 2004 I took her off the road and installed new floors & rocker panels, body braces, and new suspension components. 

     Then off to the upholsterers' shop for a new top, and new seats, carpets and door panels , all done to match the original roll and pleat factory patterns. Except for the top, which is canvas, marine grade (100% waterproof) vinyl was used throughout.

    Mechanically, the 215 aluminum motor was freshened by D&D Motors, in Michigan, considered to be THE authority on these motors. Then, a set  of finned, polished "Offenhauser" valve covers  and a new old stock air cleaner was added to finish off the engine compartment.

   This car still has the original, aluminum, 4-speed, Borg-Warner Super T-10 Transmission, which   was rebuilt and refreshed with new synchros, and the  factory "spaghetti" shifter was rechromed and re-installed.

   This car has the "JH" heads ("H" for high compression) which make 15 more horsepower than the "JE" heads. Ordering this option also mandated a Holley four barrel carburetor .

   While all the rest oe the 45 year old mechanical components  were being tended to, both bumpers, all the pot metal trim, emblems, & grille were removed and sent to the chrome platers, while all the stainless trim was removed and polished.

    Finally, the car was completely stripped, acid etched primed, and then repainted in "House of Kolor" Kandy Apple Red Metallic, with a gold undercoat base. I then asked my painter to add real 22 karat gold to the clear coat. Thanks Keith!  The results speak for themselves.

   This will be her first summer on the road in 4 years, and I can't wait..