After owning more than 40 cars in my lifetime, I finally bought a Corvette. It was a one owner car, & just getting ready to turn 100k. The first picture shows how it looked  on the day I bought it. I thought, was this a $2,500 mistake?

    I decided, since the car looked like a "Hot Wheels" car, I would make it one. I took a 70 Chevelle, Mattel Hot Wheels car to the painter, Mike Vighetti, and told him to match it. Being the master that he is,here are the results...

 The 5.7 liter small block is equipped with Tuned Port Injection, and 230 hp. with regular . This one averages about 18.5 mpg overall. 

Nothing like a new leather interior to make the ride even nicer.  I'll have to get some cassettes for the Bose surround sound system

 The unique color (at least for Corvette)   changes as you move around the car & makes the car look less "chunky" Those 16" stock wheels also help.

 Finally,while the car was being prepped for painting, I also had every piece of 25 year old rubber on the car replaced and it's like getting a "new" 1986 Corvette.  All in all, only one regret. That I waited 45 years til I finally owned a Corvette. I'm hooked ! !

                  1986 Corvette Sport Coupe